Animal Type: Monkey


Christelle was about 5 months old on arrival and was bought to the rescue center by someone who said she had been attacked by dogs. After having her for a few days we now think she had probably been kept by them as a chained “pet” and perhaps attacked by their own dog as she


We were called out on a monkey emergency call, after a traffic accident involving a monkey, and found Pan on the roadside. Although only 4 to 5 months old, he was by that age, not willing to substitute his mother for a human and a feeding bottle. He did take fruit and vegetables however and


Alfi was bought to us as a 6 month old baby, when dogs had killed his mother. He had a large bite wound on his back that our vets treated and stitched. Alfi was very unhappy and at first refused to eat.Volunteers spent long hours with him encouraging him to do so with every treat


Shaylee was brought to us by the forestry department following a traffic accident and in a very bad state. We were almost certain she would need to be euthanized. As well as her other injuries, she was totally blind after a blow to her head. Although totally wild, she started to take food, so we


Reason for being at The Tree House : Evie was a tiny baby, orphaned by a traffic accident which killed her mother and bottle reared here. Evie quickly bonded with Ella and now they are inseparable sisters. Evie is quite shy in nature, but very affectionate to those she knows are her friends. She is


Reason for being at The Tree House : Ella was brought into the center by the forestry department as a very young and totally dependant baby, a few months old. Her mother had been killed in a traffic accident. She was bottle reared with 24 hr human care and 2 hourly feeds initially. She is


A call from a member of the public led us to a very sick wild young langur. She had been knocked down on the national highway and taken home the day before by a concerned lady, who had hoped shed be ready to be released by morning.When we collected her, her injuries proved to be


Kenji was being sold on the road side in the next state. There were 6 babies tied there up for sale, to catch the Christmas tourists coming to Goa, The mothers would all have been killed and eaten. It is a  traditional practice there.He came to Goa with his new owners and thankfully got passed


Being an older baby , Ambrose was a more difficult task from day one. He cried endlessly for the first 3 days, always trying to climb up and back to his mother. This is instinctive behaviourin the langur babies, as they are programmed to do this as they become mobile, as if they had fallen


Hilary was illegally bought as a family pet after her mother had been killed in order to capture her from the wild.As a baby she was fussed over and even dressed up and taken out on family trips etc. However, as she grew up the total unsuitability of keeping an isolated monkey as a pet