Animal Type: Monkey


His plight was reported to us and John immediately went to rescue him. He was found sitting on the ground chained to a length of bamboo. He was very thin and existed on mainly sweets and chocolate from the familys children.Through boredom he had become withdrawn and had lost all interest in life. Although he


We had several reports of a baby monkey being used for begging at the tourist night market in Baga, but all attempts to find it proved fruitless as the owner knowing it was illegal, took off.Eventually, with the help of an Indian supporter, she was tricked away from her handler and bought directly to the


A member of IARs staff spotted Spock, who was being kept at a local shop, and reported it to us. Spock was very young and chained to the shop door; he had no water or shade.He was immediately confiscated and was found to be severely dehydrated, underweight and traumatized. He was given little chance of


Flora was yet another monkey rescued from the people selling monkeys on the beach. Again she was in very poor condition and highly traumatized but settled in well.She is now dominated by Shivanee, a highly aggressive female in Snatchs group. Flora would love to have more human attention, but Shivanee makes sure she does not


The oldest by several months of the 2005-6 beach babies. He has always been of a very docile nature, but became the lead male due to his age and larger size.He has now reached the point where he is too big and at times too aggressive to permit anyone to enter his pen. We therefore


Before Percy arrived he was being dragged round the streets and used for begging. A member of the IAR staff spotted him at Margao bus station and immediately called the police for assistance. The police, at Johns insistence, confiscated him and handed him over to us.As is all too common, poor Percy had many holes


Rosy was a much loved pet who was rescued as baby. The owners had to leave Goa as their business was expanding in Northern India. Thankfully her owner, Suzie, had been told of the Tree House monkeys and so she came to us.Clearly unlike most monkeys she had been very well looked after and is


Hobo was brought to us by the Forestry Department who caught him stealing food in someones house. Clearly he had been a pet that was no longer controllable and so was dumped. In desperation for food he made his way into the local village where he had become a problem.


Rani had been kept as a pet, chained to a tree in the garden for many years. Her owners bought her to us themselves, when they heard of our work. Rani is friendly to humans and has quickly learned to befriend other monkeys. She now shares a pen with Aaji and Tansy .


Tansy was confiscated by the Forestry Department and brought by them to the Tree House. She has spent most of her life in a tiny cage devoid of any toys or even a branch. Not surprisingly her physical state is very poor. She is stunted due to lack of proper food throughout her life, but