Volunteer at The Primate Trust India

This is a unique opportunity to learn about primates. It is a rare hands on chance to work with rescued primates and get to know your not so distant relatives first hand. As well as getting to know them and learning to understand their handling, feeding and care you will also get an insight into a completely different life, that of rural India.

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Living at the tree house

Although Goa is one of the richest states in India, you need to be aware, that our centre is outside the sanitised tourist areas. Staying on site you will come into contact with the real India, and its wildlife and inconveniences.

This means meeting a wide variety of insects, rodents and reptiles. Wild monkeys invade our roofs. You may find the accommodation basic, but many local people have no electricity connection or running water supply, and to them you are living in luxury.

This is an opportunity to learn about another country and its people and wildlife, which few tourists ever glimpse.

What's involved

This is a chance to not only learn more about India’s wildlife and our work, but to learn first hand about another country and how its people live.

You should be reasonably fit and 17 years or above, other than this age is no barrier. You need to be adaptable, open to new experiences, tolerant, and have a genuine interest in animals and in helping them. Unlike a beach holiday, this could be a life changing experience!

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