Type: Langur
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: 02/12/2014
Age: Approx 6 months on arrival

Alfie's Story

Alfi was bought to us as a 6 month old baby, when dogs had killed his mother. He had a large bite wound on his back that our vets treated and stitched. Alfi was very unhappy and at first refused to eat.Volunteers spent long hours with him encouraging him to do so with every treat and kindness possible and he gradually took food, but remained an unhappy baby. As soon as his wounds had healed sufficiently, he was introduced to the older and bolder Nissa, who just wanted to cuddle and hold him. This was not an instant success and at first he showed absolutely no response or interest in her, but after many long and monitored sessions with her, he began to make friends and so gradually got over his trauma.Today they are still firm friends and Alfi is now a shy but happy and playful youngster, who is mothered and protected by both Nissa and Christelle who compete to play mum.