Animal Type: Monkey

Aaji R-G’

She was found as n abandoned baby at a mine in Goa and has been kept as a much loved and spoilt family pet. Her owners however, realized she was not living a fulfilling life and needed her own species for company so they contacted John and she was brought to the Tree House.She was


Tilly was a young female of about 2 years, found wandering in calangute still dragging her long rope lead, and bought to us by the forestry dept. She was obviously being illegally kept, probably for begging from tourists, as this is the main tourist area.She is of a friendly nature and gets on well with


Ex pet, he was released by his owner, He was with the older Cassidy and joined in the raids on local villagers. With no knowledge of proper monkey food , they were both underweight despite an abundance of leaves and fruit in the wild trees around us. He shares a pen with Cassidy and Tilly..


Ex pet, he was released by his owner, who obviously no longer wanted him, in the area of our center. Still used to humans feeding him, he was stealing from the local villagers and generally making a nuisance of himself, before we managed to trap him. He now lives with Tilly and Sundance, another ex


Nora was reported to the IAR center by a restaurant owner when she was seen being used for begging in Calangute.There was a gang of people with her who clearly realized that what they were doing was illegal and were ready to take off on motorbikes. For this reason John had to simply grab the


Before Rolo came to us he spent his life attached to a meter length of chain up a tree with just a little wooden house for shelter. Because he had nothing to do he would spend the day swinging on the chain which was attached around his neck.John spoke to the owner and showed him


He was being kept as a pet and restaurant attraction. Confiscating him from his situation proved very traumatic even though it is totally illegal to keep any wildlife in India. (John had special recognition from the Animal Welfare Board of India, The Central Zoo Authority and the Department of Environment and Forests).The owners of Preston


Tufty was brought in to the IAR center by motorbike, in Assagao by someone who claimed to have just found him, but who was clearly his owner. He was suffering from multiple severe injuries that were consistent with being dragged along the road. It seemed obvious that he had fallen off the back of his


Baldrick was brought into the IAR center in Assagao for treatment by two small boys who claimed they were just looking after him for a friend. He had been badly savaged by their dog and he had many deep puncture wounds all over his back and neck. One of his shoulders was also broken.He was


Another of the 2005-6 beach babies. Grasshopper was the most nervous and smallest of this group and was initially teamed up with Snatch, who took big brother care of him as a baby. Grasshopper would run to Snatch if he was being bullied.As he matured he tried to take on Snatch for head of the