Type: Macaque
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: December 2019
Age: Approx 6 months on arrival

Kenji's Story

Kenji was being sold on the road side in the next state. There were 6 babies tied there up for sale, to catch the Christmas tourists coming to Goa, The mothers would all have been killed and eaten. It is a  traditional practice there.He came to Goa with his new owners and thankfully got passed on to us by the forestry department.By this time he was already very ill from stress and incorrect diet and care., and was on extensive treatments for severe and dangerous stomach and digestive problems. These babies inevitably make  short lived  pets , needing a lot of care to survive such a start.He recovered from his bad start, and although he is our youngest macaque, when he is out in the garden with a trusted carer, he is a confidant little  chap, he even swims under water and in the deepest areas of the pool,  which is unusual for a baby this age . He does still need the constant reassurance of a substitute “mum” and loves to snuggle up for a snooze with a blanket and cuddly toy  whenever he can.