Animal Type: Monkey


Confiscated by the Goa forestry department from people using her for begging and street entertainment. She is a very lively young monkey, who can play endlessly. On arrival, she chose some of her toys as her favourites, and will not be parted from them. She readily swims in the pool and is full of bounce.We


Found in Bombay loose but with a dangling chain, she is probably an escaped monkey that was used for begging. She is used to being handled by people and we are already able to walk her in the garden. She was bought to us from Bombay by the PETA animal rescue group.


Kirsty was handed over to us by the Forestry Department, who found her wandering around Panaji, where she was either abandoned or escaped from being kept as a pet. When she first arrived at the Tree House she was very nervous of humans but was very interested in the other monkeys and keen to get


Katrina is a Rhesus macaque, not a species native to southern India. They only arrive here as illegally imported babies, to be sold as pets. Katrina had been kept for 16 years on a Hindu shrine in a cage measuring less than 1mtr square. Somehow she escaped and the terrified keepers were unable to handle