Type: Langur
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: 12/02/2015
Age: 3 - 4 months on arrival

Pan's Story

We were called out on a monkey emergency call, after a traffic accident involving a monkey, and found Pan on the roadside. Although only 4 to 5 months old, he was by that age, not willing to substitute his mother for a human and a feeding bottle. He did take fruit and vegetables however and we boosted this with baby cereals and supplements to compensate, as he would still have been suckling. He soon made friends with Alfi, who is a little older. Pan has remained a little wary of humans but will sit on the lap of staff and volunteers to take a treat, and is now the youngest of a group of 5 orphaned baby langurs who share a pen. Although the youngest of this small troop, Pan is a charming and confident little chap and is always first on the scene if treats are on offer.