Type: Langur
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: August 2019
Age: 5 - 6 months on arrival

Ambrose's Story

Being an older baby , Ambrose was a more difficult task from day one. He cried endlessly for the first 3 days, always trying to climb up and back to his mother. This is instinctive behaviourin the langur babies, as they are programmed to do this as they become mobile, as if they had fallen from a tree. For human carers it is difficult to deal with, as they accept no comfort or assurance from us during this ime.Having been with his mother for much longer there was no way he was ever  going to accept milk from a bottle,and a human. Feeding was therefore very difficult as he had to be restrained, and drip fed. He would have still been totally reliant on his mother’s milk. This continued for some time, with no improvement in his acceptance of humans.Gradually he learned to take baby cereal from a finger, and the fights over milk could stop.Ambrose will always be more shy of human contact than the others, but he allows me to handle him, and carry him out to the pen, hand feed him and will even cuddle up on me for a sleep. He doesn’t suck his thumb of course, or have comforter, and the sight of the wild langurs outside still sends him looking for a proper mum. It was this behaviour that lost him a finger, when he called over a large wild male to the outside pen, who promptly bit a finger off his reaching out hand. Thankfully he now keeps a more safe distance from them.