Type: Macaque
Sex: Female
Date of arrival: 14/02/2007
Age: 3 years on arrival

Nora's Story

Nora was reported to the IAR center by a restaurant owner when she was seen being used for begging in Calangute.There was a gang of people with her who clearly realized that what they were doing was illegal and were ready to take off on motorbikes. For this reason John had to simply grab the monkeys chain and after a protracted struggle bundled her in the car. John then had to drive off with a monkey he did not know running loose around the inside the car not knowing if he was about to be attacked. What made the situation worse was that the chain at one point got caught around his neck! However luckily she soon settled down and ended up sitting in the passenger seat looking out of the window.John initially spent a lot of time with her as she thought that every move from a human meant she was going to be hit. Nora remained very attached to John, but now gets walks and treats from male staff members. Nora now lives with Rolo, in an up/down relationship, neither having learned to share. Nora comes out every day for a swim or cuddles, she is still affectionate to male humans.