Type: Macaque
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: 08/11/2008
Age: 5 months

Baldrick's Story

Baldrick was brought into the IAR center in Assagao for treatment by two small boys who claimed they were just looking after him for a friend. He had been badly savaged by their dog and he had many deep puncture wounds all over his back and neck. One of his shoulders was also broken.He was immediately confiscated and brought to the Tree House where he received 24 hour care, he initially spent most of his time sleeping to get over the shock of his attack. Despite what had happened he was still very trusting of humans and was very affectionate to anyone who gave him some attention. He was understandably very frightened of the dogs at first but slowly his fear of them became less.After extensive treatment and care, Baldrick eventually made a full recovery. At first he would stay with a member of staff for most of the time and spend play time with Pixie, the baby Langur, who at first was a little bit rough for him and so had to be watched closely. He also spent a little time each day with the other young Bonnet Macaques but at this time they were twice his size and again we had to watch him carefully, particularly because of his wounds.He is now a quite feisty adult and is at present on his own as he bullies all younger monkeys, even females and can’t resist taking on anyone his own size, or bigger. We hope to find him a suitable companion eventually.