We Will Miss you Mowgli 21st November 2011

A sad time at monkey rescue with the untimely death of everyone’s favourite jester, Mowgli the mongoose. He took a short cut one evening through the room where the dogs sleep, and was pounced on and killed by Trinity, the three legged rescued street dog. A cloud of gloom settled over everyone and it was hard to accept that he would not be giving us all reasons to laugh anymore. We are trying to find a family home for Trinity who’s killer instincts with small creatures does not make her a safe resident here where we frequently have baby animals, from palm squirrels to barn owls to rear.

Looking on brighter news, the local market is now being efficiently patrolled by Simon, who is employed full time to pick up the abandoned kittens and puppies, and has also been able to trap and get sterilised more of the resident animals. Having someone on site all day has made a huge difference as by picking up the litters soon after they are left they are still relatively healthy, and not disappearing down the rat holes or in the rubbish tips where the survivors become wild and impossible to catch. Simon is also able to talk to many of those doing the dumping, especially in the cages, and tell them about free sterilisation of their animals – the most important way we can lessen the numbers of unwanted animals.

Phooka and Puck have also taken a step forward with a pen at last available for them during the day.

Although happy to go into the pen, and try the new swings/ tyres and toys available to play on, initially this was only if I sat in there too. Any attempt to leave them resulted in them sitting by the door and crying pathetically. However after just a week I can now stand outside and they will happily play, and with their baby sitters they can be left in there playing even longer, but if they spot me or their first substitute mum, Angela, they still demand we come and join them. They will gradually toughen up, and learn that they are quite safe in the pen, even with only each other for company. As well as coming inside every evening for the night, they are also enjoying going for walks in the garden still and getting more adventurous. With the start of the holiday season more volunteers have returned, and Phooka instantly remembered a Finnish couple who had spent a lot of time caring for him as a small baby. They were greeted with hugs around the neck, high pitched squeals of pleasure and Langur kisses, even after many months!

The local fabricator has been working full out on adaptions and extensions to the pens so that Ruby as well as the newest arrivals Scotty and Tilly are able to get time in a reasonably sized pen. Ruby still hates to be in any cage, even with new friend Tilly, and has always preferred to be on a running chain but she does spend less time pacing now she has a friend.

More good news, the rescued turtle (6th June 2011) has now been restored to health and released back into the Indian Ocean, where the experts assure us it will be able to cope with one short flipper.

The festival of light locally unfortunately involves lots of fireworks which frighten everyone’s pets, and of course the wild life. However it also means the erection of huge statues of Narkasura,this local one some 20ft tall, which are ceremonially burnt.


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