Loss of Heidi 10th March 2009

We are still feeling the effect of the loss of Heidi, with disruption and discord among the remaining 3 rhesus macaques. Pani, who we have had for 3 years since a baby, is now sharing a pen with Kirsty, the other fairly recently arrived adult female. However he doesn’t like her and in fact can hardly bear her company, unlike Heidi who he was madly in love with. He was taken out of the troop of Bonnet macaques he had grown up with to be with Heidi and was happy with the change. Now however, with only the despised Kirsty for company he made it quite clear he wanted to be back with his old friends, they however were having none of it. Several attempts to re join him to this troop ended in a mass attack on him, and he had to be swiftly extracted.

Cedric the young male rhesus is now in with Nora and Chives, two bonnet macaques, as Kirsty just bullies him constantly without Heidi to protect him whilst Pani just looks on unconcerned or even joins in. At the moment Pani is coming out for walks as often as possible, and meets at least one of his old friends from the troop ‘Spock’ and they usually get in a swim in the pool together, but his re-joining the troop sadly seems impossible.

Pixie the Langur is spending an hour or so in his pen everyday but now has to be tempted in with his bottle of milk as he has clued on to what is going on and doesn’t think much of it. Daphne is growing fast and her coat and face are changing colour, they start off with pale faces and black fur and gradually change to the adult colour of black faces and silver/gold fur. She is now trying different foods; her particular favourite of the moment is cooked carrot.

Yet another wild Langur came into the centre following a traffic accident, but the severity of its injuries meant it had to be put to sleep. This is going to be ever more common as India has the fastest growing car purchases in the world, and the wild Langurs cross the roads fast and totally oblivious to the traffic.


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