Kochi’s Antics And A Strange Visitor 17th January 2016

The new baby macaque, Kochi is doing well, but as I have learned to expect, can be a real handful at times, even at his size. He is totally humanised, and must have been taken from his mother at a very young age, he has no idea he is a monkey yet, and relates well only to other humans. He had no fear of dogs, which is not a good thing, but has now learned that even ours will not tolerate all his antics, and no longer charges right in to play with the less tolerant ones here. His boundless energy has been used up a lot however on our youngest canine, Jill; she will play with him endlessly, without answering back when he gets too rough. She just sneaks off to some where quiet to take a break when needed.

Luckily even Kochi winds down eventually and at about 9 PM he will fetch his blanket and bring it to me for a cuddle and eventually, a blessed deep sleep. Unfortunately however, his activity clock is set to go off at 5 AM!

He spends his day playing and exploring and of course eating, usually unsuitable stuff like toilet rolls and soap, his two favourites. He hasn’t ventured into the pool as yet, and he will be left to do that himself, when he feels confident enough to take to the water. This is what we always do with the youngsters, volunteers permitting. Dennis was also intended to make his own decision to venture in, but in his case a volunteer baby sitter decided to ignore instructions and threw him in the pool, to prove he would swim. He did of course!, but was fearful of the water for about the next two months as It took him that long to regain his lost confidence. Dixie started by fishing out insects from the edge, and when one couldn’t be reached, just swam for it.

The dogs have helped Kochi realise he is not actually invincible and he will soon be ready to meet the other macaque youngsters, without the full on charge, that would have alienated him from making proper friends.

With the start of the Goa holiday season, the return of many of our volunteers who help out here with the monkeys. Dee who has been a regular volunteer for several years, and so has known Ella, one of our Languors, since she was rescued as a baby, got a wonderful greeting on her first visit after 9 months. Ella ran to greet her on sight, even squeaking the Languors greeting call and then threw her arms round her for a cuddle! To remember and greet so enthusiastically a volunteer after so many months’, shows they have a real understanding of friendships, and value them.

More strange wildlife encounters when my plans to catch a stray tom cat were thwarted. The cat had been coming into the house in the early mornings to steal from our cats rations, and beat them up if they protested. A cat trap was set in order to catch, and then neuter him, before he was released again.For two nights this was duly done and both times, Millie, our youngest cat rescue was found inside in the morning. The first time, I had been confident she would have learned her lesson. The next night she was shut away and the trap re set. This time the wild boar, which also patrol our boundaries, tried to get the cat food bait and partially trashed the trap in doing so. The following night, after repairs it was set inside the garden, and Millie again shut away. In the morning it had been sprung again, but inside this time was a large, wild, Indian civet cat, almost too big to fit in, it had obviously been very keen to get at the cat food bait! So the saga goes on.


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