Inanimate And Indifferent Friends 21st February 2016

Kochi, the youngest rescue, still takes up most of my, and the volunteers time, as he is on the go, apart from short naps, all day. His planned meetings with Dixie are not a success as yet, as he has no idea how to behave with other monkeys, and just charges straight in for a play fight , with no hesitation or introductory greeting. As a result, Dixie remains terrified of this super charged horror, and just flees at his approach. Hopefully she will realise eventually that he means no harm and just lacks any monkey manners, and maybe she will teach him some!

Asleep at last his favourite soft toy now is a monkey, and he rarely goes far without it, because of that it daily gets covered in monkey poo, squashed bananas, and everything else by the end of the day and needs a good scrub, and soak in detol. In the morning, when its missing, Kochi knows where it is hung to dry and will check there for it, and snatch it back if he can!

Although Kochi has not tried swimming yet, he has ventured in for a paddle on the top step of the pool, and was very shocked to get wet!

Volunteer Demelza With Tansy, one of our older monkeys, was found one morning to have lost the use of her back legs. The vets could find no explanation for this, although tests are ongoing. She has been bought into the house for special care, and is given lots of attention and hand feeding by our volunteers, while we await results and hope for an improvement. She has now recovered some use of one back leg, and is still eating well.

Aaji, her ex pen companion, is bought in to visit her daily, although she seems pretty indifferent to her plight, she does however enjoy eating all the expensive and choice food items, that Tansy is getting. Tansy came to us after a lifetime as a “pet”, kept isolated and in a small cage since a baby, we think for at least 15 years. She soon learned to enjoy her garden walks, swimming, fresh fruit and veg and having a monkey companion too.  She has always been quite easy to handle, despite her deprived upbringing.

Rescued Egret a successful rescue and release, but of a bird, and several call outs for wild monkeys hit on the ever busier roads they now have to cross. All of the monkeys were too badly injured to save, or died on the way to our vets.

Released Egret the bird was an egret, found and bought to us by a local boy who does all he can for animals. He found it sitting stunned on the road side, undoubtedly hit by a passing car, but with no visible injuries. After a day or two, it started to take food; fish floated in its water bowl, and after a week was strong enough to fly again Taken to the local wet lands, it strode off across the field without a second glance, or a thank you!


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