Crusty Uses Her Teeth 8th February 2012

The local dog caught in a snare, had its leg removed and was released back where we caught him. We will obviously keep an eye on him to see he is still doing well, but fingers crossed, it will be a happy ending.

Crusty the crocodile too should be able to be released soon. We have kept in touch with the Indian crocodile experts and sent photos showing the regrowth of her teeth. They are very thin and small still but she has already shown how effective they are, by biting John! He was attempting to show a local vet the extent of the regrowth and had her out of the tank. As he pointed to the teeth; she whipped around and used them on his finger. I am sure she could catch crustaceans or frogs just as easily now. We need a really safe place to release her however as when they get this size they are caught for the skin trade.

Presents today for all the monkeys from Ukrainian supporters who bought a big sack of oranges, a treat as they are usually too expensive for us to buy, and a big sack of hard plastic balls for them to play with, they always like new ones best before they get misshapen and battered.

Being the main holiday season now, Puck and Phooka are getting lots of walks in the garden with volunteers. Although Phooka will sometimes get too assertive and nip strangers, out for a walk he is too busy exploring to even think of it, so the volunteer goes home thinking how sweet he is ! Visitors, who show clearly they are wary of him, and invade his home territory as well, go home with a slightly different view of his behaviour and not so flattering. Puck being younger and not so sure of himself is generally well behaved anyway.

Another Langur brought to us after having being hit on the road. This one was young, about one year, but luckily was found by the vets to be uninjured, and just suffering from shock. After a short stay, he recovered, so was taken back to the exact place where he was picked up and let go to rejoin its troop. Even if they have moved off, they will quickly appear when they hear the distress call. This is what always happens when we have a new baby here, Langurs appear within minutes of them starting to call, but unfortunately if it’s a stranger they will just attack it whatever its age.


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