Crusty in Paradise 2nd March 2012

Crusty, the ex pet crocodile has gone back to the wild after her horrors of life in captivity. The forestry department transported her to a nearby lake, which is also a well protected bird sanctuary so she will be safe from human interference in future.

On the monkey front Scotty is now taking his aloe Vera medicine and already showing some improvement in his digestion of food. Rosie, his companion monkey has gained weight in tandem with his weight loss over the period of his illness as all the nice foods he has been tempted with, that have been turned down, she then grabs. Hopefully as he gets less fussy, they will begin to adjust and balance out again. Whilst he has been ill, they have spent much of the day on the balcony of the house, so that what and how much he eats and passes can be more easily observed. This also meant they could just reach the washing line below them, and it took a while to realise how clean clothes hung out to dry were found dirty and sometimes chewed on the ground later. It also means he has an easy way of disposing of his hated medicines. Given a small bowl with a pill or treatment he doesn’t like, even when well disguised in honey, treats or jam, he simply carries it to the edge of the balcony and drops it over!

One male wild Langur has been spending a lot of time in the area of the house, tormenting Pixie and Elfin by jumping on their pen and shaking the framework. He has obviously been overthrown by a younger fitter male from his troop, and is an outcast and is taking out his frustrations on our Langurs. Hopefully he will join up with some other rejected males soon, and they then hang around the edge of the old troop, hoping to be in a position to do a take over again themselves at some stage.

The monkeys are all enjoying a cool dip in the pool in the present hot spell, where they act and look more like otters than monkeys in the water.


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