Butch and Hobo are on Treatment 3rd June 2012

Butch and Hobo continue their stay in small cages, separately of course, whilst they are on treatment. Butch has however already pulled out the stitches from the large wound on his arm so we are all waiting to see if it continues to heal or if he will need another operation. Luckily monkeys seem to have a very good healing system and wounds which would be a real problem with any other animal usually heal remarkably well. Just as well, as there would be far more deaths in the wild troops if this were not the case.

Ella, the baby Langur, continues to make good progress and has even slept through one of her 3 hourly night feeds for the first time. During the day she will quite often refuse a bottle if she is busy playing or has filled herself up on food, but no such luck at night until now. Another young Langur brought in after being electrocuted on power cables was too badly burnt to be saved and sadly had to be put to sleep on arrival.

On the Hornbill front, visits of the Greater Indian Hornbills have now become sporadic, but as they now know where the nest box is and seem to approve of it, hopefully they will return at nesting time and move in, that is if the more common and bolder Malabar Hornbills don’t move in first.


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