Baby Monkeys And Squirrels 23rd August 2014

Two tiny baby squirrels were found on a concrete floor with no mum to be seen. When brought to us, Tic & Tac still had closed eyes and spent days sleeping against one another on a warm pillow. Since then, they opened their eyes and discovered 

Foster has opened up his heart to Nissa who was delicately touching them while being bottle fed, that was Nissa making new friends.

Talking about friends, Nissa was introduced to Dixie, who is being very tender, acting as a protective older sister, telling the dogs off when her friend get scared. Nissa is slowly being introduced to the young Langur troupe. Ella is always very excited to see Nissa, but for now, she is being too brutal to let them play together. However, Foster, of a more timid character, has opened up his heart to Nissa, giving her nice long cuddle.

Nissa Enjoying a snack between snacksĀ 
Further to Raja’s arrival, Manuel and Percy’s cage was remodelled. A new section was made so that Baldrick could be close to his old friends again, while Raja has a new space next to Tufty and Preston. Not being used to have space to wander, over the first few weeks, he would hardly move from one section to the other of his cage, making the cage cleaning difficult.

Blossom the Alsatian dog which was re-homed early June was brought back to us with as little hair as the first time she arrived at the Tree House. The humidity of the monsoon did not give her a break, in only two months, the mange took over. Long hairy pedigree dogs are definitely not made for our climate. The main concern with Blossom is that our monkeys are frighten of her.


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