Animal Type: Cat


This feral tom cat has been coming to the Tree house to steal food and bully our resident cats for some time. All attempts to catch or trap him for neutering resulted in his escaping, by cunning or force, before he could actually be taken to the vets. When he was finally and securely caught,

Tuk Tuk

He had been dumped in the market as unwanted, and could be heard calling loudly on arrival. He had taken shelter from the roaming dogs under a tuk-tuk taxi, where he was safe, and soon extracted into a carrier.. Despite being only a kitten, he was past the” cute” stage as far as homing him,


Ginger and white adult male. Arrived November 2019A semi wild tom cat, that for many months had made a habit of regularly coming in through the kitchen cat flap, to steal our cats biscuits. Eventually he got bolder, and came in at feeding time, so he was caught and then  whisked to the vets for


Tortie and white. Female. 2 years approx . Arrived July 2019Splash was dumped in the middle of the monsoon, with her litter of kittens, just a few weeks old.3 of those were already dead when I found her sheltering under a small tin sheet near the car park.  She was taken to the WVS rescue centre


Ginger and white, female 9 months approx. Arrived January 2020On arrival at the local market, it was reported to me that a car had just pulled in , and dumped a lot of cats and kittens , before driving off.On searching, the bodies of several young kittens were lying about where the resident dog packs


Sophie female ginger/white. Approx 2 years on arrival. Arrived October2019A rescue from the local  market. She was still in the car park where she had clearly been quite recently dumped. One of the dog packs had chased her up a palm tree, where she had fallen down, and then got caught in the fork of


Again , as with so many ,dumped because pregnant , in the local market. When found early in the morning, she was sitting outside the public toilets, asking passersby for help. She must have been someone’s pet. Donna is now spayed, and has settled in well with the other cats at the Tree House


Like so many of our cats, she was simply dumped at the local fish market as unwanted. She was hiding under a “scooty” scooter when spotted. Although shy at first, she is now quite at home with all the other animals.


Left in a plastic sack at the Tree House gate, this 8 month old female was dumped unwanted. Honey’ has been spayed and is living happily with the other cats. She loves to be made a fuss of, and greets any visitors to the Tree House.


Amber is yet another pregnant female cat, dumped at the Tree House gate this time. Sadly she was attacked by the local dogs before we knew she had been dumped. Now stitched up she is safely at the Tree House.