Abundance of Wildlife at Tree House 21st October 2012

An abundance of wildlife at the Tree House recently. Two big Indian spiders, as yet unidentified, as we have been unable to locate an illustrated guide to the insects here, Although most are venomous, none carry enough to kill an adult human, although John is able to testify it is painful to get bitten!. Also venomous, but not deadly, a big black scorpion in the kitchen cupboard. As well as these and potentially more of a nuisance, three seemingly lost baby palm squirrels in the sitting room ceiling. Hopefully they will soon be reunited with mum, and taken out by her into the wider world, meanwhile we are supplying them with pieces of carrot, apple and such. During the monsoon palm squirrels tend to sneak indoors, where they make extensive nest of chewed foam and fabrics in the linen cupboard, drawers and chairs.

And the Hornbills have returned. Not the rare giant pied Hornbills, but the commoner, but none the less spectacular, Malabar pied. A pair has been checking out the nest box we put up, but as yet no actual nesting activity. The three smallest baby monkeys are still doing well, but a badly injured wild male Langur bought into us this week had to be put down, as he was beyond help.

Shaylee, another Langur who came to us as a young adult last year, very badly injured and even temporarily blind from her head injury did make a full recovery. Now fully fit she has adjusted to her new life perfectly. She really loves to go for walks along with her other Langur friends; Puck and Phooka who were last years orphaned babies. The skin complaint some of our monkeys have got has been identified, so now we only have to try and bath them in a special solution, and get them to take their pills. Easier said than done, of course.


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