Tansy was confiscated by the Forestry Department and brought by them to the Tree House. She has spent most of her life in a tiny cage devoid of any toys or even a branch. Not surprisingly her physical state is very poor. She is stunted due to lack of proper food throughout her life, but particularly when a baby. Mentally she is in a dreadful state and we were told she was too dangerous to handle.

After just 24 hours at the Tree House John had her sitting on his lap and it quickly became clear that far from being dangerous she was just desperate for human contact. Because everything was so strange to her she quickly got frightened and when this happens she can bite hard, but that is only to be expected. However with careful handling she is no problem.

She has likes tree climbing although she gets exhausted very quickly.

We introduced herr to Aaji and they both immediately hugged each other and they spend many hours each day grooming one another. However because neither of them know monkey etiquette they fall out regularly and have a half hearted fight but minutes later they are back cuddling each other. They share a pen with Rani.

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