A member of IAR’s staff spotted Spock, who was being kept at a local shop, and reported it to us. Spock was very young and chained to the shop door; he had no water or shade.

He was immediately confiscated and was found to be severely dehydrated, underweight and traumatized. He was given little chance of survival. Twenty four hour care and nursing by Jo eventually paid off. Although he still needed milk, he would not accept a bottle and instead had to be fed a milky baby cereal mix, while sucking his finger. (A monkeys thumb is tiny and not a suitable substitute as with humans). He eventually began to put on weight and respond. He was unwilling to let go of his substitute mum for many months, and went into a panic attack if any parting was attempted, so had to be taken, under a blanket, on any outings to the shops or local market.

Spock eventually joined the troop of 6 grown up beach babies , where he was mothered by them all, being allowed to take the best food and swing on their tails etc. As teenagers themselves, they didn’t make very good baby sitters for very long and after an hour or so lost interest and patience with him. Over time they got better and eventually he could stay safely in the pen, even overnight.

He still lives with this gang.

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