Type : Bonnet Macaque
Sex : Female
Age : Approx. 2 Years old on arrival
Date of Arrival : 29th January 2009

Before coming here, Sasha was being kept as a pet in a restaurant in Candolim.

When she first arrived here she was around 2 years old and was terrified of all the other monkeys as she had never seen one since her capture. She also had problems adjusting to a proper diet and at first wouldn’t eat any of the food she was given. Previously she had lived on a diet of leftover food from the restaurant such as fish curry and wasn’t used to the healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetable they are fed here. For the first few weeks till she adapted to the new diet we had to resort to going out for take-a ways to get her to eat at all!

Sasha was also completely at a loss in a pen and started pacing so we had to put her back on a chain for periods of the day ,until she adjusted to the relative freedom of a large pen.

She now lives with Hilary and Ramu, who she has a very close bond with and seems very happy and content. She loves coming out for her daily swim and a climb in the trees.

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