Raja came to us through the forestry dept who had been called when his elderly owners died. Raja was purchased as a pet when he was a baby and lived with him until he began to mature at around 2 years old. He started to bite and became more difficult to handle, and soon there were no more walks or interaction and he was simply kept in an old parrot cage.

He was around 25 years old when he was bought to the Primate Trust and he found it difficult to walk and was unable to climb at all due to being kept in such a small cage. He refused all fresh food, and still does not accept that many items of fruit and veg are in fact fit to eat!

There has been slow but steady progress with his mobility and physical condition. He now comes out daily to walk in the garden and loves to meet visitors. Raja still does not swim, and has no interest in the water. He now lives with Katrina, and they have a somewhat turbulent relationship, sometimes fighting, although neither has good teeth, or at times mutual grooming, just like an old married couple!

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