Long haired tabby and white, male  arrived February 2019

Pip was reported to us by his first rescuers. He had been left at  the apartment in the nearby tourist town, by his “owners” who had moved back  to the UK. The local staff there  took h im home. Unfortunately, they simply put him into their garden, and he then hardly moved or ate for several weeks.  By the time we went to collect him he was just a bag of bones in a matted fur coat.

Luckily he started to eat what was obviously a normal diet for him- Whiskers cat biscuits, milk, and tinned food.. He soon recovered well, and is now living with the many other cats quite successfully, but just like Sophie, is very much a home pet, and feels he should have the individual attention he was used to. I think it likely he had never been outside and he still uses a dirt tray. He is possibly some sort of pedigree, so had maybe even been bought to Goa by his “owners “, from the UK.

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