Manuel was kept at a beach shack in Mandrem in North Goa to try and attract more tourists. One of these tourists informed the center and John, along with a member of IAR staff, went immediately to the shack to confiscate him. The owner at first refused to hand him over but John showed his license of authority from the Animal Welfare Board of India and told him he would have him arrested and would bring charges against him if he obstructed him from taking the monkey Eventually the man reluctantly agreed to comply with the law.

He was around 4 months old at this time. Once at the Tree House he was examined and found to be infested with worms which meant he had to spend 7 days in isolation from the other monkeys while being treated. After this he was introduced to Baldrick and Pixie, and the other youngsters. He immediately started playing with them and soon became best friends with Baldrick, He was given the name Manuel by John after the waiter in Fawlty Towers. Manuel is still frightened of strangers but given time will make friends. He shares a pen with Percy.

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