A call for help was received, concerning a baby monkey that was being attacked by a monkey troop. This was some distance away, and by the time we arrived on the scene, the baby had taken shelter in a crowded drinking bar. He was quickly caught and it was immediately obvious that he was, or had been, someone’s pet. He must have escaped or more likely dumped by his owners, as once these tiny stolen babies start to grow up, they become too much of a handful for most people and are of course never suitable house pets. His mother would have been killed in order to take him.

Of course the wild Troupe that found him will not tolerate a stranger in their territory, and he was lucky and clever, to survive by seeking out humans as the only species he knew as friends.
Although Kochi settled here quite quickly, and is given 24 hr care, his experiences have left him with traumatic memories, and if he feels that his human carer is not giving him enough support or attention, he can quickly panic and become distraught. He still needs constant re assurance, which is an indication that he was stolen from his mother at a very young age.

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