Bought to us by the Goa forestry dept after the death of her mother. She had jumped from a building and hit her head and died on the pavement.

Rearing baby langurs from this age is notoriously difficult, they are very sensitive to the change in milk, to stress and human germs.

After  extensive  research on the internet, we consulted immediately with the nursery department of San Diego Zoo, who have experience with rearing  langur species, and were then given endless prompt and helpful advice from them, on pulling her through. Using their recommended milk formula, and  drops for lactose intolerance etc, she started to make progress, before going down with a human cold. This involved more intensive treatment, and she had at one point to go on a drip for fluids etc  all carried out by another local rescue centre for us, WAG, welfare fo animals in Goa.

She pulled through , and with 24 hour care, began to thrive.

She has a gentle and sweet nature, and still greets her human friends and helpers with cuddles and squeals of joy. She now gets daily walks in the gardens, but is always checking that her human carer is close by.

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