Dixie was being used in a nearby tourist town for making money by using her to pose with tourists. Although she was screaming in fear while being manipulated for the posed photos, none of the tourists using her in this way seemed to understand, or care, what she was going through. She was about 2-3 months old, her mother would have been killed to obtain such a young baby. John with the help of local volunteers had to pose as tourist and then simply drive off with her.

Although it is totally illegal to use or keep monkeys, she was obviously so sick and traumatized, getting her quickly to care and safety was the immediate priority. On examination she was found to be severely dehydrated and underweight and could not have survived for more than a day or two. She needed an immediate operation for a prolapse, caused by her violent diarrhea.

With constant care she eventually recovered, and although still somewhat wary and nervous of strangers, she made great strides, and is good friends with her human, and monkey companions. Her captors were later traced and warned from ever trying to do this again.

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