Laila was brought into us, after her mother had been killed by a local dog pack. This is not uncommon as the wild langurs are often forced to run on the roads and gardens to find their food trees, because the forest habitat in Goa is being cleared by humans. She was not found however until 24 hours later, when luckily, someone heard and acted on her desperate cries. She was both cold and very hungry, and so took to the strangeness of the bottle and milk formula quite quickly. We really had our hands full, as we had in our care at this time 4 other orphaned langur babies (Ellette, Finn, Koko, and Ambrose), all under 2 years old and so also still dependent on bottle feeding. Luckily, some local volunteers were found to help out with her day care, but the nights were very hard, with so many feeds, and bottles to mix, keep warm, and feed ! She is still dependent on regular bottle feeds, but meets and plays with the older langur rescues every day.