Type: Langur
Sex: Male
Date of arrival: March 2019
Age: 3 months on arrival

Koko's Story

Another little orphan, to join Finn and Elette.Luckily we had a competent and enthusiastic full time volunteer here for one month at that time to help, so Pryianka, was able and willing to take on Kokos 24 hour early care !This meant many sleepless nights for her,as he proved to be a very demanding baby, sleeping little and constantly crying for attention from his new mum. He took to his bottle well enough,, but caused many hours of worry with his demands. Eventually, he accepted a hot water bottle and a teddy for night comfort, and slept for a few hours at least, unattended!Koko is still an attention seeker, and seems to be happiest when causing some  trouble, he will torment the others when they are sleeping, to wake them up, if he feels like a game, and seems to have endless energy.