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Matilda Discovered a New Love 27th August 2011

Matilda, the youngest female bonnet macaque at the Tree House is doing much better after her surgery in July. Concerns were raised after she had lost a lot of weight and was struggling to eat for some time. This is not uncommon in monkeys, and is usually the result of a parasite or stomach upset,

Mongoose Gets a Fright 24th May 2011

Nora continued to take her nasty tasting tablets till the end of the course, provided she felt she was stealing them. Her hand is now much improved and needs no further treatment. Shivanee has now rejoined her troop, with no re occurrence of her stomach problems. The baby Langurs have had some ups and downs,

Outsmarting Monkeys 23rd May 2011

The two baby Langurs continue to be a full time job, but they play very well together even though Phooka is quite a bit bigger than Puck. Unfortunately my relief baby sitters have dwindled as the holiday season here ends, and the monsoon looms, bringing heavy rains for some 3 months. Both the temperature and