Working in global animal welfare for over 40 years

The Primate Trust

The Primate Trust India founded as a charity in 2005 and provides long term care to orphaned, abused and injured primates Our work is essential, mainly due to the loss of natural habitat, human conflict causing an increasing number of injured and orphaned monkeys. Other monkeys are rescued from being illegally kept as pets or used for begging, often living in appalling conditions.

The Trust has also advised rescue centres throughout India on the care and keeping of primates and does all it can to educate about the importance of good housing, good food and the vital importance of environmental enrichment to stimulate the monkeys active intelligent minds.

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Our Aims

Provide Sanctuary

To support animals at the Tree House and ensure they receive the very best care available​


To promote and educate regarding the need for the humane treatment of all animals​

Help more wildlife

To build facilities for the rescue and rehabilitation of other wildlife in Goa​

Oppose Vivisection

To strongly oppose all medical research on primates and the keeping of primates as pets

Primate Centre

To obtain land and build a world-class Primate Rescue and Study Centre in Goa​

Reduce Human Conflict

To promote primate sterilisation where over-population is causing conflict with humans resulting in cruelty and the random killing of monkeys.​

Rescue Centre & The Tree House​​​

The Trust provides the monkeys with a stimulating environment and excellent food to ensure both their physical and mental health. They are provided with first class medical treatment and injured monkeys are often given 24 hour care to do everything possible to ensure their recovery.

Orphaned babies, usually handed to the Trust from the Goa Government Forestry Department, are hand reared with as much love and devotion as any human baby would receive and are never left alone during their first year of life.


Volunteer at The Primate Trust India​

This is a unique opportunity to learn about primates. It is a rare hands on chance to work with rescued primates and get to know your not so distant relatives first hand. As well as getting to know them and learning to understand their handling, feeding and care you will also get an insight into a completely different life, that of rural India.

This is an opportunity to learn about another country and its people and wildlife, which few tourists ever glimpse.

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