She was seen by Jo as we drove into Panjim hiding under a bush in the centre reservation of the very busy main road. Risking the wroth of the other drivers we stopped the car and went and rescued her. Rarely have we seen a puppy so terrified, she was shaking so much her teeth were actually knocking.

At home it took Urchin days to calm down and we found great difficulty getting her to eat. She was already horrendously thin and only about 7 weeks old. She has remained a highly nervous dog and lives mainly upstairs where she knows she gets pampered and can sleep on the bed when permitted to by the monkeys.

Urchin is completely mad! You will never believe this but it is true! In the hot weather she makes the front part of her front legs wet with saliva, she then spends ages picking up minute stones and sticking them to her legs. Once her legs are well covered in stones she jumps up shaking her legs and runs around as if she is being attacked by some monster and runs to us to comfort her. In all our years working with animals this has to be the weirdest thing we have seen.

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