New Babies Aarrive 16th March 2012

A Busy time with baby Langurs. Langurs are the only species that still live wild in this area; the Macaques have generally been driven out into the more isolated forest areas of Goa. Three more victims of living with humans within just a few days. The first a tiny Baby, which had been picked up some time ago but was bought to us too late to save, in fact she died on the way to us. They are very difficult to rear even with our experience, and without the care we give she had very little chance.

The second was another young orphan baby and female. She came to us quite quickly after being found and although she still gave us a few scares with her health, including vomiting and catching a cold, after just over a week she seems to be getting stronger and is of a very bold and confident nature. We have called her “ELLA” and she is no more than two months old, totally dependant and not yet even with enough coordination to grasp always what she sees.

The next arrival is still causing us concern. She was bought in by the Forestry Department after being hit by a car. She has eye, head and arm injuries, including we hope, only temporary loss of sight. At the time of writing she is still suffering from shock although now taking liquids, and even eating a little Mango. She is older, about 1 year, but would still be with her mother and dependant on her care of course. Elfin, one of our resident Langurs also came to us at this age and after being hit by a car. She also refused all food, until tempted by a mango. They are not in season here so are imported and available only at an astronomic price. As we are always emphasising money saving to our staff, and buying only vegetables and fruits in season, they were some what puzzled when sent out to find some mangoes and even phoned in to check we still wanted 

them, after finding out the price. We arranged an MRI scan for her and found she has a small bleed in the brain, but we are still hoping she will be o.k. as she has already regained her sight temporarily several times, and it is now a matter of waiting to see how she is when the swelling and pressure in the brain has gone, she has been named Shaylee.

Puck and Phooka love Ella , the little baby, but are of course too rough to play unsupervised with her like all bigger brothers ,and don’t hesitate to try to steal her bottle when she fed of course.


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