New Arrivals 18th January 2015

A young adult Langur was found injured and semi-conscious on the road-side. Kind locals took it to the government veterinary clinic for examination and treatment. Unfortunately the staff there were not used to handling monkeys, and it managed to not only bite one of the staff quite badly, but escape loose in the clinic! John was called out to help, finding everyone clustered outside the examination room, peering in through a crack in the door at the lone occupant; the Langur. “Don’t go in, you’ll be savaged” they advised, but of course it was only a terrified youngster, and John quickly managed to catch it and get it in a cage for transporting, much to everyone’s amazement.

On examination he appeared to have no visible injuries, so after one night kept under observation, we made plans to get him back to his troop. The person who took him to the clinic agreed to come to The Tree House and then show us exactly where he was picked up. Although the troop was not in the vicinity we knew he was in the right territory and so left him high in a tree to await their return.

Reported by one of our supporters, another Langur rescue with less happy results. This was of two adult langurs who had gone onto the live electricity wires, one had been killed outright, the other was badly burnt and had got trapped in the security wires trying to escape. John quickly untangled him, but he was put to sleep due to the severity of his burns.

Unwanted pet left at gates a new arrival at The Tree House of another species. Maggot, a dog we have had here for 14 years, who we found as a small puppy covered in sores and alive with maggots, sadly collapsed with heart trouble and was put to sleep peacefully. After no more than a few days a small bitch with a nice gentle disposition was dumped at our gate as ‘unwanted’, so she took his place. As she is small and quiet the monkeys didn’t protest too much, and she has fitted in with all the other dogs and the fifteen cats well. The monkeys still don’t like her being around and still do their ‘strange dog’ warning calls from time to time, but they will soon accept her presence I’m sure.

Nissa, the youngest baby is also very unsure of Jill ,as we have called her, though she now wants desperately to make friends with Alfi, the injured young male Langur who came in after a bad dog bites. He has physically recovered well, but has no interest in Nissa at all, despite her desperate overtures to him. She even gives him big cuddles with no response, but we hope he will soon come round to having a friend of the same sort of age. He is obviously still at a loss to know why his world has changed so drastically, and although he now has a good appetite, he has yet to respond to, or make friends with any humans either.

Alfi And Nissa Taking It Easy
JUST IN : Another orphaned baby Langur collected from the People For Animals charity in Vasco. This little male is only a few weeks old but has taken to the bottle well which is a hopeful sign.


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