A surprise arrival.
Lace simply appeared inĀ  Lavender’s arms one morning, as a new born baby.
Lavender was picked up as an escaped performing monkey in Mumbai, several years ago, and has always been shy and retiring in character.
Since none of the monkeys she shares with can be the father, this must have been a romance, through the pen mesh, with one of the many wild males that regularly attempt to get to our females.
In all the years we have been here, an actual mating from outside the pen, has proved, we thought to be impossible, but in Lavenders case, and without us even knowing, the odds in this case were somehow overcome.
The male has long since moved on, and no other females got pregnant, thank goodness.
Lavender continues to care beautifully for her baby, and has so far kept her safe , the other monkeys in her pen in fact now play nicely with her , and take turns in giving cuddles, when lavender allows it.
We hope she will remain safe in this little troop, as she grows