Loss of Pani & New Arrivals 5th March 2013

A very busy and difficult time at present with the loss of Pani, a male rhesus macaque we have had for about 7 years. (arrived October 2006). Pani had been off colour for short spells in the last few weeks, with no clue as to what the problem was, but he always picked up again quite quickly. This time he was very unwell and off his food, meaning a trip to the vets at International Animal Rescue. Luckily although he is a 7 year old male, John could still take him out for walks, so getting him to the vet wasn’t too difficult. Initially they felt it was a virus infection, but as John was nursing him later at home, he found a swelling on his stomach. Back to the vets for more tests, he was finally diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and an operation scheduled for the next morning. If the growth was confined to a small area, and removable, the vets hoped that he would recover fully.

Sadly, although it was operable, he died the next day before fully recovering from the aesthetic. Pani was our first rhesus macaque monkey, and lived free in the house for many months, while a little baby. He has been living with a female rhesus for many years “Kirsty”, but from a baby and for his first 3 or 4 years his best friend and companion had been “Spock” a bonnet macaque baby who arrived at the same time. Kirsty is now on her own, and we have a difficult task in finding a new companion for her amongst our residents.

New baby Langur two new baby monkeys were collected from another animal charity some distance away by our volunteers, as they were finding them difficult to care for. A baby bonnet macaque had to be put down on arrival as he had a massive infection and complications from his stomach wounds, “pet” monkeys often get savaged by dogs. The other is a very young orphaned baby Langur we are struggling with at the time of writing. He is resisting all attempts to feed him still, and until they voluntarily take some milk and food, their chances of survival are not good. Having to now cope with six babies under one year, will teach me for complaining when I couldn’t get any baby sitting volunteers to help with the five I had!

Sagar and Frazzle on a more cheerful note, Frazzle, a tiny black and white kitten, was left at our gate. At only 4-5 weeks he could eat, but was not old enough to pass a motion without the encouraging licking of his mothers tongue. Our staff had provided food and milk by the time I checked him, but nothing had exited. This just required a gentle massage and the ‘tin drum tummy’ was relieved! He was too young to go to a new home, so hoping he would get one when a little older and able to cope without assistance, I kept him here. Just yesterday, a visitor offered to give him a home, so his story will hopefully have a happy ending.

Foster is also seems on the mend at last, still no clues as to why he wasn’t thriving , despite blood, urine and faeces tests, also X-rays and ultra sound. No problem showed up in the results, but at least he is now gaining weight.


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