Captured 9th October 2012

The two dumped pet Bonnet Macaques have been captured, with the help of one of our alluring female resident monkeys.

The older male was enticed to follow Nora, who he found irresistible, into one of the pens, and the younger male, too young for girls yet, soon got bored on his own and went into the pen the following day.

We still had Butch and Hobo on their own, following the big bust up (see blog dated 14th May 2012) so the plan was to get them to pal up with Butch as these males are much younger and Butch wouldn’t view them as a threat yet. With the help of a mild sedative, Butch took their introduction into his pen with no problems, and now can be seen giving them welcome cuddles, so for now at least, all is well. The new boys are named Cassidy and Sundance.

Ella’s health continues to improve and she is back to her morning routine of charging around the bedroom with crashing rebounds off the windows. This is the Langurs early morning “Joy to be alive” display, which the wild troops also indulge in. The more branch bending or breaking and general loud disturbance they can make the better!New toys for the babies, storage nets, which they are having great fun with playing hide & seek.

Several of the monkeys have developed bare patches of fur, so Basanti took a trip with John to the vets for tests and samples to be taken. She loves to go out in the car and sits quietly in the passenger seat watching the world pass- bye.


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