Day: March 25, 2020

New Best Friends 22nd September 2014

On a rainy evening, we were informed that an injured Langur was laying on the side of the road in Camurlim village. As we arrived, it appeared that he probably got electrocuted on the electrical line and fell to the ground after the shock. The poor monkey was fully paralysed and could just barely move

Baby Monkeys And Squirrels 23rd August 2014

Two tiny baby squirrels were found on a concrete floor with no mum to be seen. When brought to us, Tic & Tac still had closed eyes and spent days sleeping against one another on a warm pillow. Since then, they opened their eyes and discovered  Foster has opened up his heart to Nissa who

Videos And Baby Monkeys 19th July 2014

While most of Goa was desperate for the monsoon to begin so their rice crops would not fail, the monkeys on the other hand were delighted that the month of June was, for the most part, rain free. It gave the monkeys a an extra month of enjoying the sunshine and getting out climbing the

Monsoon Madness 17th June 2014

After the loss of Silva, Parker (the most recent baby Langur to arrive) was introduced to our young Langur troop, unfortunately, Evie one of the elder female Langurs in the troop was not so happy about the new addition to the troop. In the mean time, Puck, the eldest males in the troop was starting

Sad News 27th May 2014

We have been devastated by the loss of three of our rescues, Silva, Phooka and Major. All died of unknown causes within three days. Postmortems have shown no definitive cause and the general feeling, as they are all Langurs, is that it may have been a virus transmitted to them by the wild population. The

Strife and Happy Returns 10th May 2014

No luck so far with getting a new companion for Rolo, in fact a big step back when he bit and badly injured Aaji’s finger, after tempting her to the wire partition. This of course has not endeared him to Aaji or Tansy, just confirmed that they are not wanting anything to do with the

New Skills and Companions 7th April 2014

The recent sad loss of Basanti, one of our older macaque females, from a sudden heart attack has left Rolo, our most aggressive and difficult to handle male, on his own. We are trying to get him into a pen with two more older ladies, Aaji and Tansy. Tansy in particular has never had time

Third Surviving Baby This Year 4th March 2014

No sooner had we got Dixie and Silva settled in than another baby Langur had to be rescued. At the same age as Silva of about a year, this little male came to our attention via our rescue centre. He was bought in after being savaged by dogs, with many bite wounds. His owners had

Settling In and Moving On 3rd February 2014

Dixie the new baby macaque and Silva the little Langur rescue, have been using up all our time, but are at last getting over all there problems and making progress. Both have had a long battle with diarrhoea, due to stress and dietary changes, but are now on the mend. Dixie had to be rushed

Kindness And Cruelty 16th January 2014

A hectic new year with 3 baby monkey rescues in just 2 weeks, and two more that were attended but past help. The first rescue, a little Langur female of about a year old who was spotted and bought in to the rescue centre by a local man, seeing her helpless on the road side.