Day: March 25, 2020

Tansy Improved, Jill Re-homed 23rd August 2016

The heaviest monsoon rains for many years are still pretty relentless and possibly the wettest for 100 years. In the breaks the monkeys take full advantage, even swimming in the pool in memory of the good old days. Kochi, Dennis and Dixie care not about the cooler pool and swim any way, but they have

Cats and rescues 12th July 2016

The baby langur call outs continue in depressing frequency. This month, a little female, dogs had killed her mother, and her injuries proved to be too severe. Another, a male baby, whose full story we shall never now know. Reported as being found in a garden, he was used to humans, but starving and had

Calm, before the storms 8th June 2016

The first rain storms came to Goa, along with the expected violent thunder and lightning. There is nothing gentle or languid about the monsoon in India, when it rains it is as if water was thrown on you from a bucket, and the storms are so violent and noisy they are awe inspiring. Half our

Whew, What A Scorcher! 7th May 2016

As the weather heats up prior to the arrival of the monsoon rains in June, 34C at times, the holiday season ends, and only a few hardy volunteers remain. Vegetable and fruit supplies dwindle too, as the weather is too hot for many of the green and salad crops to be grown. Competition heats up

Arranged Marriages 2nd April 2016

Much activity and new monkey partnerships this month, with the visit of Dr Lisa Jones Engel , Senior research scientist and Associate Professor from the University of Washington centre. Having visited John last year and been impressed by his understanding and care of the monkeys, and the work of the primate trust, she kindly volunteered

John Hicks – an obituary by Dave Wetton 27th February 2016

A special blog post today to mark the anniversary of John’s passing. An edited version of this obituary was published in The Hunt Saboteurs Magazine – HOWL (issue 109) John Hicks, a former Chairman of the HSA, died February 27th 2015 at the age of 63.John joined the HSA committee in 1974. By mid 1975

Inanimate And Indifferent Friends 21st February 2016

Kochi, the youngest rescue, still takes up most of my, and the volunteers time, as he is on the go, apart from short naps, all day. His planned meetings with Dixie are not a success as yet, as he has no idea how to behave with other monkeys, and just charges straight in for a

Kochi’s Antics And A Strange Visitor 17th January 2016

The new baby macaque, Kochi is doing well, but as I have learned to expect, can be a real handful at times, even at his size. He is totally humanised, and must have been taken from his mother at a very young age, he has no idea he is a monkey yet, and relates well

A New Arrival 13th December 2015

A new rescue was collected today, a baby bonnet macaque, he has lost his tail some time ago, but is otherwise fairly healthy but very frightened of course at the moment, and hiding himself under a blanket. The reason for his needing our help is not very clear, but he was spotted being mobbed and

Predators and Play 30th October 2015

Those who have been able to visit the Tree House will have seen the nectar feeders we put out for the tiny Sunbirds, they are India’s equivalent to humming birds. Much exited chirping and alarm calls from them alerted me to their reason for distress. Lured by the sight of so many little snacks seemingly